Saturday, May 3, 2008

What do you get when you combine

A dozen talented and especially charming artists, totally unpredictable weather, some tables, some tents, some shoppers, and ten dozen Krispy Kreme donuts? All hosted by a "Well-Bred Ladies' Dance Group" (and Gretchen...she is not Well-Bred but we let her hang around with us anyway)?

I have no idea, but it sure was fun.

A Virgin Venue, we had never attempted an art sale at Sketchworks before. But the theatre folks were excited to give it a try, and so was a group of mostly Etsy sellers. For some, it was their very first show, so it was doubly exciting.

A nailbiter yesterday. We knew we had a lot of drive-by visibility from the road in front of the theatre, and thought that, given "pretty" weather, we could set up all over the lawn for curb appeal. Vendors had tents, umbrellas, vividly colored would have been a lovely scene. BUT, Mother Nature had other ideas. Yesterday emails (or "Convos," if you speak "Etsy") flew here and there. Do we give in to the weather? Do we chance that it won't get messy until later in the afternoon (the prevailing wisdom at that moment)? The forecasts were ambiguous, we had a "rain plan", and we "went for it."

Today dawned, well, threateningly. No fluffy cirrus or cumulus clouds for us! Big, black icky blobs. Some of us were brave. Especially the very shy and retiring LeAnn Christian, Lampwork-Icon-to-Be. In her very shy and retiring style, LeAnn had a GIANT rainbow patio umbrella, and the most decidedly fancy set-up. She became our Official Lawn Ornament, until Gen and Hubby of Sewphisticate hit the scene with their EXTREMELY ELABORATE tent. Which they had to set up using an instruction manual. Which, thank God, they had with them. They bravely joined LeAnn as the Front Yard Team; which worked until it started to drizzle.

Not a drizzle that becomes steady to clearly indicate that we should all go home because it is about to turn into a downpour. More like a drizzle when one person says, "Oh look! It's clearing to the west!" And someone else says, "I just heard on the car radio that we are about to get tornadoes." So, we mostly moved tables out on the lawn, back under the covered patio, and in and out of tents until...

A very kind and wonderful benefactor donated 10 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts to us to sell for profit. At that point, since we were short on customers, we made a "Free Donuts" sign and fed all the vendors donuts and handed freebies to people walking home from the grocery store and ate too many ourselves, and fed them to our very cute children who were extremely well-behaved up to that point and we all suffered a collective sugar high.

And we talked to each other, and we bought things from each other; and I'll bet everyone who was there feels like they ended the day with a whole bunch of new friends.

My personal highlights:

I felt a little warm in the afternoon and couldn't figure out why. The temp had dropped, it was damp; but I realized I WAS wearing the most beautiful purple scarf that everyone who knew me thought I should buy. And I did, because it was ME! Product of Adripratt - and it is sooooooo soft! My gut tells me I looked just a little silly, with a scarf (that matched my outfit so well) in 70 degree weather.

I have new notecards! The Jinkywink girls have the PRETTIEST '50s retro dinner party designs! And their own website, with even more goodies at more jinkywink.

Gen of Sewphisticate has the most wondrous hammered copper jewelry. I want it, and I could probably do it myself; but after seeing her work out on her anvil (she brought it for a little demo) with 6 gauge copper wire (really more like rebar!) I am going to let her make it for me. And her husband is going to bring his FORGE! Yes, I said, FORGE! to the next sale, to do demonstrations. Be still, my beating heart.

I lovelovelove what Danielle of GracefulBabies makes. Tutus! American Sign Language Initial Onesies! Pillowcase pinafores! Monkeypants with Banana pockets! I cannot wait for people small enough to wear them in my life. And it was so nice to have Danielle's personal babies around to keep us all amused.!

More FAB baby stuff at SugarPlumDelights. Oh, my goodness, the adorableness of the bibs! (It seems like a million years ago since I needed bibs for tiny people...I can't wait to need them again!) I Know I am not alone. Many friends told me they would so love to have a reason to purchase baby goodies...

I was completely captivated by Diana of Knotty Sheep, and her stuffed sheep and her "knottiness." How she can remember all those patterns! Watching her at work, doing something I can't even conceive. And they are soooo Personal Fashion Consultant helped me to select a pair of earrings that will match everything earthtone I own. Love.

I am going to learn how to make glass beads! From the ICON, according to LeAnn. (Shy and retiring Leann exudes quiet wisdom in the lampwork world.) StudioMarcy! The woman who told me I can etch Czech glass. You don't know what that means to me...I can etch(?) Czech glass? I LOVELOVELOVE Czech glass and I can make something new and different out of what I already have? How much do I love this?

And, The Most Amusing Moment of the Day had to be when tsiphotography(y'all, she repairs old photos, and rehabs Uncle So-and-So's slides!) had a display of her pet portraits, a terrier on one side, and a calico cat on the other. My friend Cynthia's dog, Pete; who LOVES cats and comes to my house to hunt for them, was asked repeatedly - where is the Kitty? And he lunged at the appropriately feline figure in Sam's display every single time; much to the amusement of everyone involved. Gifted photographer, or brilliant Keeshond? You be the judge.

Carol Southerland, Orchid Documenter Extraodinaire, was also a part of the crowd. She is famous for botanical works showing in venues from the Botanical Gardens to the Varsity; and a true Atlanta Gem.

So the weather pretty much stunk.

But. We had a bake sale. We had cover; and we HAD EACH OTHER. We had fun!

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shannon said...

The weather did stink, but it was still fun! Looking forward to the next go 'round. :)