Monday, February 14, 2011

Cactus: A Love Story

Last Saturday morning I was talking by phone to my father. It was the weekend before Valentine's day, and I had called to thank him for the lovely card he sent to me. We were both missing my mom, historical sender of valentines, this first Day of Love since she left us.

As I hung up, I heard a beep, signaling an incoming message. It was from my dear friend, mentor and one-time high school science teacher, Judy. There was no text, just the photo above. Well, I got a little teary; Judy's Christmas cactus has been a topic of conversation between us for forty years. You see, my mom gave Judy a piece of her own Christmas cactus somewhere around 1971...and it is now this beautiful plant.

I emailed Judy, to thank her for forwarding the pic at exactly the right time. And she sent me, in Paul Harvey fashion, the rest of the story.

It seems the normally cheery Christmas cactus was depressed this past holiday; the generally prolific bloomer had only one bud. Now, Judy is a biology teacher; so, of course, she had a little heart-to-heart with the sorrowful succulent:

"...I know you must be sad that Nancy's mom has passed away but I know she would like for you to continue to bloom as you have for the past 39 years..."

And, just in time for Valentine's Day, love blossomed.

Happy February 14th, family and friends. I love you. BLOOM!

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