Monday, March 2, 2009

Teflon Man And the Blizzard

It's no secret that I'm Not Wild About Harry. But I've got to give credit where credit is due (although someone clearly gave him credit once, when it wasn't due. To "buy" a house that he prefers to merely inhabit; rather than to purchase.) Harry can go with the flow.

We had a Significant Weather Event here in the A-T-L yesterday. Five plus inches of wet, wet snow; late in the day. A bunch of melting because the roads were warmish. Then overnite temps in the low twenties...frozen slush. Thick, frozen slush.

A flurry (oh, I crack me up) of discussion among rational Atlantans, regarding dinner plans. Son Two canceled a dinner event, after a power outage. This was a serious culinary blow to me, because I had to eat leftover spaghetti; instead of the deliciousness that Son and Wife are famous for.

You might recall that many of us here in the Deep South are not genetically blessed with the Weathering Winter Weather Well Gene. So even when we have INsignificant Weather Events, the transplanted Michiganders and Upstate New Yorkers stay off the road because we are dangers to ourselves and others. So the only people on the road in foul weather are people who have no clue how to drive in it. Go ahead, conjure any manner of slippery-slidey-seriously stupid scenarios, and it happened last night.

(Scene set, segue somehow to Harry.)

Harry enjoys the odd Adult Beverage on his patio. And the even ones at Clubs of Questionable Repute. Patio imbibing was pretty much out of the question yesterday, so Harry had no choice but to head out about midnight, in his Fancy Ride which still sports its dealer drive off tag a year after acquisition. Car windows down, radio bass up. And then to return around 3 AM, windows down, bass up; refreshed, but unable to locate the door handle to exit the vehicle...for 40 minutes.

Please, someone, 'splain Harry to me. I'm pretty sure he's not protected by angels for living right. Superhero powers? The Amazing Teflon Man! (But is he a Good Guy or a Bad Guy?) Maybe he's got the Verizon Network. They look pretty resourceful on the commercials.

Whatever. Harry can go with the flow.

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