Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Had NO IDEA Laptops Are So Much Trouble!

Having moved firmly into 20th Century Technology with the installation of HiSpeedWiFi and lots and lots of wires snaking about under the bed, down the hall, behind every dresser, so that I might have Wireless Internet (what kind of sense does that make? Cable Guy installed twice as much wiring as I had before, and it's called "wireless"?) I decided it might be time to crack open that beautiful plum-purple Dell Studio 17 inch laptop that has been sitting in its cocoon of styrofoam, waiting for Son One to transfer things from the Dinosaur Desktop onto its yummy purply self. Begging worked.

Proving again, the old adage. Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

Fantasies of editing jewelry photos from the bed, surrounded by fluffy pillows, and watching reruns of "What Not to Wear" gave way to the reality of

TRYING to edit photos, surrounded by Kitties who were certain that those things on the (very delicate and expensive) screen were for them to poke. And that lovely, warm flat metal thing was some sort of Heated Urban Feline Futon.

And that lurking under the bed, hissing and growling at other lurkers would command human interaction. Even if it was the yelling-and-spray-bottle kind.

Foster is curled up, despondent, in front of the Dinosaur Desktop; on the one-time "computer chair." Site of much kitten snuggling. Wondering, I'm sure, just what went wrong.

I feel his pain. And I have NO intention of upgrading my 12-year-old cell phone at this point. Change is not always something I can believe in.

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High Desert Diva said...

Yep. Trying to type with a cat (or in your case, cats) in your lap, along with the laptop, OY! Cammie thinks she needs to help me type. She's particularly fond of the caps lock key. Thanks soooooo much for your help GET down.