Thursday, February 19, 2009

Origami Cranes! They're Not Just for Baby Showers Anymore!

We are blessed with the most fabulous, wonderful, brilliant and beautiful new granddaughter; with the fanciful middle name of "Crane." A random, yet extremely meaningful appearance by a white crane, early in the pregnancy, precipitated this moniker; and the family has enjoyed the Crane Theme to the hilt. OK, beyond the hilt. Other little girls are surrounded by "Classic Pooh", or Dora, the Explorer; or any of a number of Princesses With Fancy Names. Our angel has birds. And lots of them. I imagine that she will one day curse her parents, because her Crane Collection will fill a Super Deluxe, Climate-Controlled, Two-Story Storage Locker. Until then, well, we will Crane On.

I am also blessed with an eclectic group of seemingly mismatched, yet fabulous friends; who have danced together for some 25 years. They are generally well-bred, but occasionally get kicked out of your more up-scale establishments. Like that Italian restaurant in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee. Or the Fine Dining Eatery in New Hope, PA. Where they decided to, um, rearrange the flowers on the tables. And the tables, while they were at it. (And I won't mention the "On the Boardwalk" video fiasco at the lovely Monteagle, Tennessee, inn. It involved way too much underwear.)

These friends planned a baby shower for Son and Daughter-in-Law; but they wanted to do it after-the-baby-fact; so that they could admire our new little one, and share with her some group lore. (We have been accused of KoolAid consumption. More than one of the group husbands fears for his wife's involvement in the - um - clan. Indoctrination? You decide!)

And they needed a theme. Easy enough!


And an activity. Because, without an activity, we have a little issue with focus.

But, my dear friend "G", from over at

can make pretty much anything out of anything. (She makes angels out of plastic bags, for Pete's sake.) And she folds a mean Origami Crane. She agreed to teach us to fold cranes, too.

It is easier to herd cats than to teach this group to fold cranes. But,

We folded cranes. And then I folded more cranes. And more cranes. And pretty soon I was throwing a "crane for luck" in my jewelry orders. And folding cranes for friends who were looking for jobs. And folding cranes for, well, anyone and everyone who might need cranes.

The weirdest thing is that origami cranes make people happy. Recipients know that the "folder" cares. When I fold them, I know it is because I DO care. Japanese Crane Folders have done so forever; to bring good luck to recipients, and to express support. The Power of Crane.

Fold 1000, and your wish will come true!


High Desert Diva said...

This post just made my morning.

Nancy said...

It doesn't take much, does it, Diva?